International Shopfitting Organisation

Update for 2015

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Who are we?

The International Shopfitting Organisation ISO was founded 1958 by visionary shopfitting firms in order to establish international contacts. Today, ISO is a community of national shopfitting associations and individual members from 20 European and non-European countries. The ISO Management Committee is responsible for the executive management and the activities of ISO. At the meetings, an exchange of ideas concerning national situations, trends and conditions of the international shopfitting industry takes place.Business people walking


The objectives of ISO are to spread information about the shopfitting industry, gain international contacts, and develop relationships across borders. We have a yearly congress with clear professional substance and social activities. The past congresses have proven to be very successful by expanding valuable contacts in the shopfitting industry. The ISO international study tours are for professional colleagues. These study-tours present a good insight in new designs and technologies of the shopfitting industry in the respective host country, and the cultural point of view of that country. The congress and the study tours will be carried out in different countries.

ISO is:

ISO members include national associations of shopfitters, but also individual shopfitting companies from countries where there is no national organisation, or where such an organisation is not an ISO member. ISO also accepts suppliers, advisors, and other companies or persons with an interest in the retail environment industry, as associated members.

If you have any questions, please contact the ISO Secretariat.

ISO Secretariat
Preben Bailey, secretary general
Thornberg-Bailey AB
S-247 95 Torna Hällestad
Tel: +46 4653 202
Fax: +46 4653 229